2014 Celebration Encouragement Awards Announced

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Congratulations to all the recipients

LifeCare Youth COACH Award

Presented to a young person on our Youth COACH program who have been nominated and sensitively selected on a non-competitive basis by our Awards Committee to encourage his/her progress towards a significant and positive life goal.

Recipient: Robert Cooper

Robert was very quiet and reserved when he was introduced to the Youth COACH program. I was a stranger to him and it took sometime before he trusted me. When he did, he opened up to me more as a friend than a COACH.

Robert has progressed from a troubled boy at the start to a much happier young person today. He is doing well at school and his Coach, Allan Chew is confident of his ability to discern right from wrong and making wise choices in friends.


Robert is also a computer wiz! He is able to rip a computer apart, modify it and put it all together. He does all his research online and implements what he has learnt to achieve this.

Robert also completed the World Challenge last year in Borneo where he learnt essential life skills that will aid his personal growth.

Allan Chew, Coach

LifeCare B-Empowered Award

A client on our B-Empowered program will have been nominated and sensitively selected on a non-competitive basis by our Awards Committee to celebrate his/her progress towards reducing their debt and/or finding employment.

Recipient: Brett Weller

“18 months ago I had a budget that was perfect. My fortnightly income from centre link when budgeted properly could keep me drunk, economising was allocating funds to port wine or spirits.

I arrived in Melbourne from Brisbane needing help. I needed to get my life back into order, support to deal with addictions, look for employment and find a sense of community. I felt low and stressed.

Friends introduced me to Life care and it was here that I was introduced to the B-Empowered financial care program that supported people who were struggling financially.

There are many institutions, charity groups that help by giving food parcels and vouchers but to tackle the problem at the root was a whole new ball game.


The B-Empowered program not only supported me with some financial assistance and food parcels, but it also helped me look at my budget and spending habits. Being on benefits means there is not much left at the end of the fortnight but with support and coaching I have been able to manage my budget better, set up a payment plan to pay off an old bill and even have a small amount of money at the end of the fortnight to save.

It wasn’t easy but Nikki helped me to see it was possible and I really feel I have achieved something. To now be able to say my budget is now life first, luxury later would be good. To say I have both is better. I now have pride, confidence and am a multi-millionaire, okay not quite but feel like one. I am proud and safe.”

Brett Weller

LifeCare Counselling Award – Jessica Cooper and Nathan Spratling

A past client from our Counselling service will have been nominated and sensitively selected on a non-competitive basis by our Awards Committee to celebrate his/her progress in overcoming a major life challenge

Recipients: Jessica Cooper and Nathan Spratling

Before Nathan and I started counselling our relationship was on the verge of a breakup. At that point the only thing keeping us together was our daughter. I, personally, knew that I still loved Nathan but was at a point where I didn’t know how to move forward with our relationship and move past the petty arguments and lack of communication.

We reached a point one day where we decided counselling was our last try at mending our relationship and getting us back to a point where we had once been.

We began our counselling with Angie and from our first session until now it has been pretty much nothing but improvements. Angie helped us to understand one another’s wants and what we both truly needed in order for our relationship to be strong and successful. She has helped us to understand that what I may feel is important in a relationship is not necessarily what Nathan thinks is important and that we both need to compromise and as she would say “fill each others love tank.” Angie has never questioned whether we loved each other or doubted that we are a great team and are meant to be together.


Although no relationship is perfect and there are still things that we will forever be working on we can happily and thankfully say that we are at a great point and realise the importance of making time to be a couple as well as being parents. We feel like we have a better understanding of one another and are genuinely enjoying and loving our life together. We are so grateful to Angie and life care for their support and encouragement. And also for offering a service that is affordable particularly for us as a young family. We have and will continue to recommend counselling to others in similar situations.

Thank you again for having us.

Jessica & Nathan

LifeCare Family COACH Award

A parent or family as a whole on our Family COACH program will have been nominated and sensitively selected on a non-competitive basis by our Awards Committee to celebrate their progress towards a significant and positive life goal.

Recipient: Suzie Milivojevic

I got to know the COACH programme through one of my two boys. Lachie was an amazing coach to my youngest boy, so when someone suggested to me that I get a coach, I thought it was a great idea.

The COACH programme matched me up with Julie who was someone I felt comfortable with and who understood me well.

My coach walked alongside me during a difficult time in my life. The best things Julie offered me was support and being there when no one else was around or cared or wanted to listen to my problems. It was like having an extension to my family.


What the coach programme has enabled me to do is help me take charge of my life again and make me feel more like my old self where I am able to be assertive and make decisions.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Crossway for blessing me by believing in this programme that supports and encourages people like myself and for helping me get back on my feet. I also want to them all the people who volunteer their time to make this programme possible.