Privacy Policy

Crossway LifeCare provides support to individuals and families who are in tough places, struggling with significant life challenges such as family violence recovery, fragile mental health, financial insecurity and social isolation.

We collect and use your personal information only for the purpose of providing you with the agreed service in the best possible way. Crossway LifeCare takes seriously our responsibility to protect the privacy of your personal information. We are bound by the Privacy Act, which guides us in our responsible handling of your personal information. Your privacy is protected by Law.

Data Collection and Storage

As a client of our services, your personal details, contact details and other general relevant information about your situation will be collected during the intake process, with your consent. We will retain this information in our password-protected database and in your personal file.

The staff allocated to work with you will continue to add information to your file as they continue to provide support to you. Your file will be stored in a locked filing cabinet in a secured area. On completion of your support, we store your file securely for 7 years or until the client turns 25 for those under 17 years of age. After this time, your personal information will be destroyed, as required by law.

If you choose to attend Community Connections events and activities, your personal information will only be shared with Community Connections with your consent. Community Connections use personal information solely for the purpose of sending information about events and contacting clients in regards to community-related matters.

Use and Disclosure

We collect information to enable us to understand your situation and your needs, so we can care for you in the best possible way. We also use the information to better manage and plan our services to you.

Your information can only be seen by the professionals in this service involved in your care. We have strict policies and procedures about how your information is managed and who can access your information. At all times, staff will ensure that your rights to confidentiality are respected. Your privacy is protected by law.

We will not disclose your information to any third parties without your written consent, except in the following circumstances when we can release your information:

your personal records are required by the Court in relation to legal proceedings
disclosing information is necessary to lessen or prevent serious harm to the health and safety of an individual or the public
there is serious concern for the safety and wellbeing of your child
your personal records are required by a law enforcement agency.

If any of these circumstances apply, we will advise you as close as we can to the time when the information is released.

Access and Correction

You may request access to the information stored in your file. This may include viewing the information, obtaining a summary of the information or receiving a hard copy of the information. To access your information, you can contact your service team leader or the CEO of LifeCare.

In some circumstances, access to some information in the file may be withheld if there is considered a safety risk to others. If this applies, this will be discussed with you. A written explanation will also be provided.

If necessary, you can ask to correct any information in your record that you believe to be incorrect, incomplete or misleading. You cannot request information in your file to be removed, but a correction statement can be added.

Questions and Concerns

We are committed to protecting the confidentiality of your record. Please talk to one of our staff if you have any questions or complaints about what happens to your information while you are our client.

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