Welcome Gail Thannhauser, COO, LifeCare


LifeCare would like to introduce our new leader, Gail Thannhauser (Chief Operating Officer) as Toby Baxter focusses on the extension of COACH nationally and internationally. Gail combines her heart for the poor and marginalised, business experience and Christian faith to raise awareness of, and help people in tough places flourish, emotionally, socially, economically and spiritually.

Motivated by her Christian faith and personal experience, Gail is passionate about challenging others to gain a greater understanding of what poverty and crisis really mean and what can be done for lasting community transformation. Gail holds a Master of International Business Studies Degree and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing Management.  She has local and global experience with creating, managing and executing business strategy. She has held leadership positions in the corporate sector as well as in humanitarian aid, development and community services sectors. Gail lives with her three children as well as two international students.  All five were born in different countries, The Netherlands, United States, Australia, Vietnam and China, respectively!

“It has been a delight getting to know members of our team over the past four months. What an inspiring group of God honouring professionals, with huge capacity, who humbly give their time and skills, as they pour their hearts into serving those doing it tough in our community.  It is utterly inspiring and a privilege to be a member of the team”.