Seven-year-old Ben grew up in an abusive family and developed similar violent behaviours to those he had witnessed at home. Ben’s mother, Sophie, watched helplessly as Ben struggled to fit in at school and had no friends.

One day, Ben’s teacher recommended LifeCare’s mentoring services to Sophie and Ben.

Through the COACH program, Ben was matched with a mentor who not only walked alongside him but also became his friend. Within a few mentoring sessions, Ben’s attitude began to change. He started making friends at school and often shared his learnings with his classmates.

By Year 6, Ben had become an influential leader and was elected House Captain by his peers!

It could have been a hopeless situation for Sophie and Ben if it weren’t for the support of someone like you. We need your help to reach out to more children and youth in our community.

And for this month only, your blessings could be multiplied to help more children and youth in need.

It is possible thanks to a matching donation from our generous major donor, Kevin Bailey:

” I am supporting LifeCare and I want to encourage you to join me in supporting this worthy initiative too. The staff and volunteers do an heroic job. So many people are flourishing because of the help LifeCare has given them but they need our help to reach out to even more people. This is our faith in action. “Whatever you did not do for the least of these,  you did not do for me” (Matt 25:45). You can make a real difference by supporting LifeCare financially and I will match your donation, dollar for dollar, for three months if you sign up as a regular giver today.” 

It’s a rare chance to multiply your gift, and more importantly, it can make a huge difference in a child’s life.

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