Lachie’s Story: Contributing To Positive Change


University student and LifeCare volunteer, Lachie is utilising his spare time to mentor not one but three young people through LifeCare’s COACH mentoring program.

“I’d had a stirring in my heart to be out in the community, working with people who were doing life tough,” he said. “When Crossway church asked for COACH volunteer mentors, it was an obvious opportunity. At age 23, I have few commitments so I can invest time in volunteering and directly impact the lives of others.”

Although Lachie is studying at university, contributes to Crossway’s Kidzone ministry and works as an integration aide at a local primary school, he still finds the time to meet regularly with three young coachees. By reaching out to young people before age 14, family support services such as LifeCare have maximum opportunity to positively influence their lives.

“If this is the time in my life when I have the freedom to contribute to changing a young person’s life, I don’t want to miss out,” Lachie said. He’s seen the effectiveness of COACH first hand, and how the boys have developed through the program. He says he prefers COACH volunteering as continual training and 24/7 support is provided.

When Eric first visited LifeCare in 2012 he was, to use his own words “anxious, distraught and probably the lowest I’d ever been.” He’d driven past LifeCare’s signs on Springvale Road in Burwood countless times but never felt ready to ask for help. After months of severe depression, Eric found himself sitting alone in an empty house, thinking very dark thoughts. Finally, he listened to his inner voice and rallied the courage to call LifeCare. The phone went to voicemail. He felt utter despair.

He could have slipped into a depressive episode. Instead, as if on autopilot, he got in his car and drove there. At Reception, he uttered the words which changed his life, “I need to see someone.” Recognising his distress, LifeCare counsellor Christina saw him that day.

“Christina was amazing, she was the right person at the right time,” Eric said. She was such a lovely, gentle, listener. Even on that first day I felt comfortable talking and being open with her.”

Eric To become a LifeCare YOUTH COACH or to support the COACH program, please contact LifeCare on 03 9886 3899 or email Christina.