Felix & Maria’s Story: Support Changed Our Marriage


When Felix and Maria first approached LifeCare, their family was experiencing pain and disappointment. They had already separated twice, and had kept changing careers and moving cities in attempts to start over. The couple was clearly desperate to save their marriage. But first they had to deal with other long term issues – childhood abuse, rejection, fear, loneliness, sexual addictions, violence, anger, control, manipulation and neglect.

Their LifeCare counsellor created a holistic ‘community’ of psychologists, coaches and supporters to journey with the couple through some of their toughest days and memories. At first, Felix and Maria met with separate counsellors to focus on their individual circumstances. After only a month, they were ready to take the next step – to see a counsellor together. While their discussions brought up difficult issues and old wounds, the couple felt encouraged and empowered by their LifeCare supports.

“The support we needed to save our family, and our marriage.” 

When Felix lost his job, LifeCare’s financial counsellor helped him to determine the family budget and ensure they could manage in the short and medium term.

The couple said their time at LifeCare was full of insight, breakthrough and opportunities to go deeper than they ever had the opportunity to go. The counsellors helped them through decades of emotion and pain, to the stage where they have fallen in love again. They believe they have greater hope for change and life in abundance – which they hope every couple can achieve.

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