Exciting COACH Announcement


We are excited to announce that Crossway LifeCare has entered into a partnership with Mission Australia to lead, administer and deliver the COACH program. We look forward to Mission Australia’s continued partnership and support.

Toby Baxter, one of the original co-founders of the COACH program, will lead the ongoing expansion, development and implementation of the program at Crossway LifeCare. This development has seen the license change from Mission Australia to Crossway LifeCare. Crossway LifeCare looks forward to Mission Australia’s continued support as more churches are mobilised and more families are supported through the COACH program.

There are currently:
•      21 churches who have seen incredible stories of transformation through COACH,
•      with 512 approved mentors
•      supporting 490 families,
•      889 children,
•      and 44 young people!

LifeCare is now ready to expand COACH across the nation to bring transformation to multiple communities with the goal of..
•      planting COACH in 150 churches,
•      with an expected 2,250 mentors
•      supporting 3,000 families,
•      6,000 children,
•      and 225 young people
…by the end of 2020!

Not only does COACH have a proven track record of breaking the cycle of generational poverty and family breakdown, but COACH provides an opportunity to experience positive relationships and a message of hope.