You Can Get Financially Fit: B-Empowered Financial Care


With debts over $20,000 and James out of work due to injury, Sam and James* came to see volunteer financial case worker Dave Cuddon in March 2014.

Time was spent looking at how they normally managed their money and then setting up strategies and tools to help reduce spending habits and increase payments on the credit cards. By reviewing what their obligations, needs and wants were, they were able to set realistic spending goals.

Now, a few months after finishing with B-Empowered, they sent an update on how they are progressing:

“All is going well with our budget and savings plan. We have been saving 10% of my wage each fortnight and not touched it. Spending habits have changed dramatically and compulsive shopping has become a thing of the past … I am more aware of what we need to buy and what we can do without. All bills are being met each month.

“Thank you for your support, the process of looking at our budget under a microscope has developed some healthy skills and attitudes I didn’t have before and none of this could have happened if I didn’t go through the budgeting process. Thank you.”

Through a personalised 10 week program with support and coaching, B-Empowered can help with budgeting skills, debt management, looking at spending habits, and developing new skills. If you would like to know more, please contact Nikki Farren, Financial Care Coordinator, on 88474993.

*Names changed to protect privacy