Family COACH – Community Mentoring

COACH stands for Creating Opportunities and Casting Hope. It’s a community mentoring program that can help you learn, have fun and reach your goals through friendship and coaching from a trusted person. We call our coaches friends with purpose.

Being in the Family COACH program can help with:

• Providing friendship and activities

• Having fun and purpose in your life

• Helping you towards your goals

About our coaches

Coaches are trained volunteers who build an ongoing relationship and offer practical support and advice by meeting with you on a weekly basis. As role models, coaches guide and encourage you to grow and embrace opportunities. Each coach is checked by the Police and Department of Justice and they also undergo a personal reference check.

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COACH aims to strengthen families and young people going through tough times. COACH offers people the opportunity to change and gives hope for the future. COACH recruits volunteer coaches ("friends with purpose"), trains them, and puts them in touch with families and young people (coachees). As role models, coaches built sustained relationships and offer practical help coaching for success in life goals. Coaches commit to 2 hours per week for a minimum of 12 months. Each coach is supported by a full-time COACH Coordinator who in turn is supervised by a registered social worker.